About the misadventure at the shopping mall

Okay! I am a great DC fan!!

I unabashedly confess that I am a woman in the early twenties and I love DC, their comics, their movies, their merchandise, everything but there is something that came across as extremely shocking to me the other day when I was shopping at the clothes section in Target, only last weekend actually.

I was looking at the tees section for something cool to wear under my work wear blazer when I came across a rack of tees with remarks so sexist that I almost fainted. No exaggeration there.
Being a millennial and having a mind of my own meant that even though I do not completely subscribe to the core feminist viewpoint, I do believe honestly that a woman cannot be and ethically should not be treated like a chattel.



And believe me, this is exactly what I found.

The controversial tee:

There is blue tee with superman embracing super girl almost close to getting lip locked. Superman is embracing her completely while the lady herself is yet to put her arm around him. I felt that reluctance in the picture. The problem however, is that there is a caption on the top that says 'SCORE' and a little further in a blurb, "Superman does it again!"

Well, what are we supposed to make out of this one? I know it may sound like I am ranting but I am in the first place. Is the tee telling the world which is half of the other gender that when superman embraces a super girl and she looks defenseless almost like caught off the moment, it is like an achievement of the heroic types. Is it even palatable?

I tried talking to a friend about it:

And it did not help that she held no sexist viewpoint. She tried to infuse in me that may be in was a satirical take on today’s relationship. Like being able to capture the super woman’s mind and heart that we are all today. It gave me some consolation but of course, who reads satire? A majority of the people would read it and take it at face value not bothering to even think beyond the obvious and that can get problematic.

Moving over to the next one:

As if the unsettling feeling had only subsided, I read this on another tee that said “training to become batman’s wife”
That bowled me over! I mean that was just too much for the sexist me to take. Whoever wants to be a batman’s wife and train at that? I’d rather be a bat girl and try to save the moment than train to be anyone’s property!

That day was hellish:

From the women's section, I walked down to the infants section because I wanted to pick up a onesie for a friend's baby shower. And my God! What do I see?

There was a heap of clothes with the slogan, "I am going to date only a superhero!"

Please, I suppose it is meant for girl and will she grow up to only date a superhero? Will she not love to be one? God bless us all!!! Then I saw another one and I turned red. It said I am growing up to become a superhero.

Become a Superhero

Dear licensees, please take care to see what messages you are trying to pass on to children as young a zero years. Why, they cannot even read! Yes, they cannot but imagine the kind of conditioning that is there when you try to tell a baby girl in the cradle that she must grow up to date a superhero. I may sound like a doomsday predictionist when I say that these kids may grow up with pictures of their childhood wrought in their memories and for god's sake you don't want to pass on these kinds of messages alone.

I would rather buy tees with plain logos on them:

Thankfully, I saw some plain t-shirts with only the superhero logo on them and I thought to myself, okay these are my kind! Back home I logged on to http://www.iamsuperhero.com/ and booked some of the loveliest superhero logo tees. I realize now that online shopping is probably my kind of an experience. I hate getting worked up seeing worthless sexist clothes at the shop floor.